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Written by Dan Hampton   
Sunday, 01 February 2009 18:15

Scouts, Parents and Leaders:

Attached is the new Outing Permission Slip for Troop 799.  Please save this
file in a location where you can find it again.  With each outing you will
receive from the Tour Leader a copy of this form plus an information sheet
giving the details about the outing.
  This form is to be turned in to the
scribe.  You keep the information sheet for your reference.

There are several reasons why we have adopted the new permission slip.
First of all, there are different versions of the old permission slips
floating around and it is confusing which one to use.  This permission slip
is provided by Council and meets their legal requirements for the fine
print.  Finally, this permission slip is generic for the most part so if you
forget your permission slip it is easier to get another one. 

Leaders:  I recommend filling out the outing information and the contact
information before printing out copies to hand out.  It is possible that you
will need Adobe Reader Version 8 or greater to fully use this form.  Data
can be saved to the form in the data fields (i.e.:  you can put in your
contact info once and then save it to the form.)

Download this file (090712 Troop 799 Outing Permission Slip.pdf)090712 Troop 799 Outing Permission Slip.pdf[Troop 799 Outing Permission Slip]530 Kb13/07/09 10:35
Download this file (Sample Outing Information Sheet.doc)Sample Outing Information Sheet.doc[ ]75 Kb14/09/10 20:49
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