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Written by Mike Muralt   
Sunday, 03 November 2013 20:00

A tarp can be used as a substitute for a tent in most conditions.  The main advantage of using a tarp is weight.  This page gives you some information to help you get started learning about tarp camping.

Here are some youtube videos showing different tarp configurations:

Articles on tarp camping:

Places to buy a kit to make your own shelter:

Places to just buy fabric for making your own tarp:

Places to buy a tarp / tent - very lightweight shelters:

Knots to use for tarp camping (see wikipedia for lots of useful knot info):

  • Siberian Hitch and Truckers Hitch for a ridge line
  • Prussik Hitch or Blakes Hitch for tightening trap along ridge line
  • Taunt Line Hitch for adjustable guylines

See the author of this article for more details...


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