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Written by Bill Kaltenthaller   
Thursday, 15 April 2010 15:01

Some of my usual backpacking food- based on durability, weight, & cooking time:


5 minute rice


Tuna - canned with oil (winter camping) or soft pack

Chicken – canned & boneless

Dried vegetables

TVP – textured vegetable protein

Sun dried tomatoes

Tomato sauce - soft packet or dried

Dried soup packets – Either as broth or added as flavoring to a meal.  e.g. Lipton Onion Soup


Spice pack:  salt, pepper, dried mustard, oregano, basil, garlic powder, dried onion, cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg.


Margarine – squirt bottle type



Instant Pudding

Powdered milk

Hot chocolate, tea, instant coffee


Breakfast: Granola with dried fruit, powdered milk, Hot Drink :coffee /tea, cocoa


Lunch:  Bagels, Hard crackers. Cheese, Salami , dried fruit. Peanut Butter /Honey/Jelly  Powdered juice drink – propel, etc.


Dinner: Pasta/rice, protein (tuna, TVP, Chicken), dried veggies, spices.  Powdered juice drink.


Snacks: Jello, pudding, popcorn. Hot Drink: coffee /tea, cocoa.   Soup/broth  


Hiking Energy: Dried fruit, GORP,   Special Mix – peanut butter, powdered milk, dried fruit/honey




Download this file (Backpacking Recipes.pdf)Backpacking Recipes.pdf[ ]330 Kb15/04/10 15:20
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